Urgent snap action in solidarity with the Mapuche leader Machi Francisca Linconao (Mapuche spiritual authority) who is currently in jail since March 2016 and has been on hunger strike since December 23, 2016 and her health is rapidly deteriorating. When recently asked about the situation of the Machi in jail, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has ignored the matter and refused to comment.

The Chilean government and representatives are responsible for the continuous human rights violations and unjust imprisonment of the Mapuche people and their leaders.
International solidarity is needed with our spiritual Machi Mapuche leader Francisca Linconao who is at serious risk of dying from the unjust imprisonment.

Come and support this action which will be this Friday 6th January, on steps of State Library of Victoria (cnr Latrobe and Swanston St) at 5.30pm.

International pressure to the Chilean Government is urgently needed, together with can stop the impunity and unjust incarceration of the Mapuche people and their leaders.

Freedom and justice to allr the Mapuche people.

If you need more information you can call 0425 539 149 or email

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