Press conference

The National Front of Resistance Against the Coup d’etat lets know to the Honduran people and the international community the following: In the course of this morning 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. we are stating the failure of the electoral farce due to little affluence of voters to the receiving tables, in spite of the campaign of intimidation with penal threats to the population generally but they appeared to vote even though and also of the threats of labor repression that as much the illegal government and part of the private company has done that their employees but demonstrate to have exerted the vote.

This reality deprives of authority to the Electoral Supreme Court to present results exaggerated with the purpose of to give credibility to its electoral farce. The previous thing means that the Honduran town has acquired maturity to recognize that they summon to this illegal process – electoral they constitute the main obstacle for the democracy and congratulates all the population to adhere voluntarily at the disposal of the National Front of Resistance to realise Toque de Queda Popular active not to guarantee the electoral farce of the dictatorship and by its worthy and brave attitude of the town of Morazán and we invited to them to stay firm and alert to this position until defeating the maneuver definitively coup participant.

We denounce before the Honduran town and before the international community that the punitive forces of the usurping government have continued with their campaign of terror against those who we have been against the Coup d’etat, executing from the night of yesterday and dawn of today arbitrary popular organization levellings, private houses, action of police intimidation to districts and neighbourhood which are bastions of the Resistance, military walls against you soothe of unions, the block of streets and highways with intimidatory detents.

We are thankful for the solidarity of the Central American towns by its brave position when blocking the Pan-American highways rejecting to the elections of the regime coup participant. Also we are thankful for to the international community present through different organizations of solidarity and guarantee of respect from the human rights.

Tegucigalpa, 29 of November of the 2009

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