Latin America-Asia Pacific Popular Grassroots Movements And Indigenous People Solidarity Encounter, October 29-30


Featuring speakers from Australia, New Zealand, Mapuche people in Chile, and representatives activists from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru more details close to the event.

“Capitalism is in crisis but has not been defeated. It reinvents itself,seeking new avenues of release. It organises its fury against the undisciplined, rebellious peoples. It tries incessantly to recolonise them, to make them submit, to control them.” …

Conference main streems:

What kind of DEVELOPMENT we are talking about?
Neocolonialism on Indigenous (First people) Land
Neoliberalism is not working!
How alternatives to neoliberlaism are working in Venezuela and Cuba?
Denouncing TPPA
Oceana Gold out of El Salvador
Barrick Gold plundering Argentina and Chile
BHP-Billiton out of Colombia and Latin America
If you love life, do not drink Coca-Cola
Monsanto Out!
For Indigenous self-determination and autonomy
Respect workers rights

Today a lot is said of the current crisis that capitalism is facing and how this will bring about consequences for the present struggles and resistances in this part of the world and for Latin America.

“Capitalism today, through the hegemony of the United States, is currently living through a process of decay and illegitimacy but it keeps on being all powerful, not only in the economic and military arena but also in the ideological one.
It has the cultural industries to its disposal that turn the capitalist vision of the world into a universal vision.
Latin America is a vital area for the reconstruction of the United States’ hegemony. Geopolitical and strategic mega- projects like the IIRSA (South America Regional Infrastructure Initiative), the Middle American Project (earlier PPP), the alliance of the Pacific (Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico), have created a counter block to advance the processes of transformation in Our America today.

Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have become the poster child’s for the Neoliberal Project.
They have become the key pillars that constitute the counter block. Their peoples suffer the rigors of their dirty wars and the criminalization of all forms of organization or social protest.
We are convinced that capitalism does not offer any way out for the people of these countries of which we are part, it is necessary to work for the construction of alternative ways, ways that are different from the ones offered by this perverse system, it is a necessary step to decolonise these territories and minds.”
We believe it is very important to create spaces for discussion and to look for paths that lead us to the solutions to the exploitation of workers and humanity as a whole at the hands of the transnational corporations and the dominant sectors of our societies, the discrimination and marginalisation of the first nations, violence against minority groups and gay, lesbian and transgender people, the destruction of our natural resources and above all the irreparable damage that climate change is and will cause.

Other matters that focus the attention of activists of our countries are the topic of the validity of democracy under a neoliberal system, what type of socialism if any is possible in our societies, as Jose Carlos Mariategui, (a well-known revolutionary from Peru) wrote, “Not an image, not a Copy”. The violence or “security” that the nation state perpetrates against its people through its ‘anti-terrorist’ laws and the wars that the dominant powers are conducting at this moment against the poor of our countries under the pretext of the fight against terrorism, just look the United States with military bases installations in Latin America, Chile with the criminalisation of the social protest, Australia the criminalization of international solidarity and refugees and the intervention and community closures in aboriginal communities in Australia.
We don’t believe we can come up with the solutions today to these complex problems that humanity faces, but we can contribute to the discussion to looking and move forward for new possibilities in building new ways of relationships and put in practices our ideas and proposals.

Under this frame we are calling for a Latin American Grassroots Movements Solidarity Gathering this year on October 29 and 30 to explore ALTERNATIVES ways to face the predator capitalism. We are called “FOR INDIGENOUS AND GRASSROOTS POEPLES’ RIGHTS” , these economic monsters are devastating our planet and dismantle our communities, but the people from below and to the left are resisting more stronger than ever.

We inviting to everyone to explore, share and looking new possibilities for changes, our struggles our global, so we need to organise globally.