Dear Everyone, here is an invitation to share among your friends and networks. For those that have been showing interest in supporting first nations and grassroots organisations in Latin America and in the so called Australia, here are some events and actions that might be of your interest. All the best

Latin American solidarity upcoming events & actions

The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) is an independent and inclusive group of people working in solidarity with Latin American grassroots movements and their struggles.

Our main goals are Building Bridges of struggles and resistances between Latin America, Australia and the whole Asia Pacific Region and linking our struggles fighting against Capitalism, Colonialism around the world, a big challenge but we think is possible organising Globally. Also, we are totally against patriarchal exploitation and oppression by imperial powers. Your support is very appreciated and tottally valuable.

We support all collective struggles that promote equality in the diversity of the world we are living in, without discrimination and no borders.

Subscribe to our email distribution list, into our chat in WhatsApp, our Facebook and Instagram socials, to receive updates from Australian and Latin American grass roots movements and its struggles, send us your details to or message Facebook or insta: , go to our webpage,

Urgent current campaign: Solidarity Raffle S.O.S Brazil climate disasterRaffle prizes, check here: Raffle tickets available here:

Dinner-Karaoke-music night Thursday 23rd, 6:30pm at Catalyst.

Over five hundred families from country areas have been affected by flooding ever faced in Brazil’s South, your support is more than welcome.

The solidarity Raffle will be drawn on May 25th, 1pm at Catalyst social Centre 146 Sydney Road, Coburg.

Campaign S.O.S Brazil climate disaster, details here: and, and here:

Catalyst Fiesta, Friday 17 – Saturday 18 May 2024. Catalyst Social Centre 144-146 Sydney Rd, Coburg – unceded Wurundjeri Woiwurrung Country Full program here: American Workshops at 2pm and 3pm, welcome

-Film screening of “Libertartiars” , a doco about Women fighters-Spain revolution.

Tuesday MAY 21st, 6:30pm, Catalyst Social Centre, 146 Sydney Rd. Coburg

details in

Fundraising in Support of the SOS Brazil climate disaster campaign and Mapuche political prisoners. All proceeds to MST (landless rural workers movement in Brazil), CAFU (shantytowns coalition in Brazil) and Mapuche political prisoners’ relatives.

Door-Donation $10, Catalyst Social Centre, 146 Sydney Road, Coburg

Film Premiere- Get your tickets here:

Tuesday May 28th, 6:00pm film start at 7:00pm (previously, welcoming and snacks)

RMIT Building 80, Level 4, Room 11

445 Swanston St., Melbourne-City.

We are inviting everyone interested to express solidarity with the people in struggle in Ecuador.

‘Seed of Struggles’ will be presented by Marcelo Chimbolema, a musician, a film collaborator, and environmentalist defender from Ecuador indigenous communities Kichwa Puruwa. Marcelo is going to be in Australia presenting the Seed of Struggles film and building solidarity with the indigenous and popular organisations in Ecuador.

Marcelo Chimbolena from Ecuador (kichwa puruwa first nation people), musician, film maker collaborator and environment defender. Also, other grassroots activists connected online. Continuing the campaign ‘denouncing extractivism.’

Presenting two short films,

HAWAY (documentary 13.12min) and

Sea of Women (fiction 15 min.)

Saturday June 1st, 6:00PM

Catalyst Social Centre, 146 Sydney Rd. Coburg.

6PM, get together, sharing food 7PM, meeting start

Catalyst Social Centre, 144 Sydney Rd. Coburg

Dear everyone, hope you can help us in spreading these good news and inviting you friends and networks to continue supporting the grassroots movements initiatives and struggles in fighting colonialism, capitalism and all forms of discrimination and exploitation. We need to get united to achieve environmental justice and a better world for everyone.

End the genocide in Palestine

Our total solidarity with the people of Palestina

The people united will never be defeated!

We hope to see you in the next meeting, in the streets in the next rally,

Un gran abrazo (A big hug)

In Unity and Solidarity

LASNET Collective- so called-Australia.

Dear everyone, here and invitatio to kepp fighting for our rights and a better world!

Share and Enjoy !