Seminar on Latin America struggles and resistances recent developments…
Saturday October 13, 11am – 5pm (movie screening from 6:15pm)
Victoria Trades Hall
54 Victoria Street, Carlton

One day of information and discussion on recent and current developments in Latin America
Especially struggles on women, workers, indigenous and social and political movements from below:

Exploring last changes in Nicaragua social explosions;

US announced interventionists policies in Venezuela and peoples responses, Multinationals companies attacks on social leaders in Colombia, Honduras and Chile;

Brazil elections: Lula da Silva and his aspirations to be elected president in a sea of right-wing sabotages, lies and betrays to Brazilian people, what people response to the antidemocratic measures of Temer government;

Colombia elections results and prospect to near future;

Indigenous struggles in Latin America and repressive response form the states and governments, exploring latest actions against Mapuche people in Chile and Argentina;

South Pacific alliance with the hysterics and “smart” Mr. Trump…

El Salvador and Guatemala resists Neoliberal policies… and the people??

From 6PM documentaries screening
6:15 “The Chicago Boys”
7:30 “CHAVÉZ”

Food and drinks available
More Info: write to or call 0425 539 149

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