Letter to the Chilean Government

To: Chilean Government                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 19 August, 2011

Mr. Sebastian Piñera
President of Chile
Palacio de la Moneda
Santiago- Chile

 c/- Diego Velasco von Pilgrimm
Minister Counselor, Consul General of Chile in Melbourne, Australia>Level 13, 390 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004.

Dear Mr. Piñera,

With the ongoing mass mobilisations of students, and their supporters, across Chile, we write to you to add our voices to those of our Chilean brothers and sisters in their struggle for free, quality education for all, at all levels; justice; and real democracy; amongst other demands.

We feel that quality education is a basic human right, not a luxury consumer good. As such, the Chilean State’s ongoing process of liquidation and commodification of public education (as embodied by the merger, closure and endemic under funding of municipal schools in poor neighbourhoods, the high level of student indebtedness, and the increasing precarity of employment for teachers, amongst others) is reprehensible, and that students have mobilised in opposition to this process is both reasonable and of a necessity to ensure the fulfilment of this right.

 Finally, we remain concerned for the health and safety of the number of students maintaining a hunger strike, and for those partaking in demonstrations and occupations; we find it unacceptable that harm has, and may continue to, come to those mobilised for the basic right to free, quality education.

For an education for the people, not profit!

Yours Sincerely,

Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)
Movement for Peace and Justice – Brisbane
Colombia Demand Justice Campaign
Chilean Popular & Indigenous Solidarity Network
Andrea Aguilera
Marisol Salinas
Mt Nancy Town No mining No Forestry Campaign Friends of the Earth Melbourne
Rodrigo Rojas
Rodolfo Allamand

Not final version, more people need to be added

Latin American Solidarity Upcoming Events

LASNET-Meeting  Venezuela and the Left Tuesday August 23rd, 7pm
At LASNET Space – Trades Hall Basement corner of Lygon & Victoria Streets in Carlton South
Venezuela and the left – workers control… With Venezuelan Activist, visting Australia, Johan Rivas, from Venezuelan Socialismo Revolucionario.
First hand report from Venezuela under Chavez, all welcome

LATIN FIESTA – PARTY (POSTPONED  due Hall problems to Saturday October 29, 7pm, same place, bands and program)

Northcote Uniting Church Hall, 251 High St. Northcote
Two amazing live Latin American bands
Plus exiting dance group “RITMO Y COLOR” from Peru &
“Colombia” dance group
$15/10 waged/ conc. – Latrobe Students and staff $10 – Solidarity $20

Chile -Colombia Open Forum
Thursday September15, 6:30pm to start 7pm
Latrobe University City Campus, 215 Franklin St. City
“The other September 11” & the new popular struggles wave…,
“Colombia after Uribe” &
“Relevance of Colombia-Venezuela relationship to South American region”
Speakers: Academics, Activists, music and discussions

Friday October 7, Melbourne Trades Hall, 7pm
Films night Fifth Cycle: “Multinational Corporations and its future”

Importance of Che Guevara after 44 years of his physical disappearance: Doco -“Che Lives” (40 minutes) October 8th, 1967, Ernesto Che Guevara was detained in Bolivia and killed on October 9, under the command of the CIA-USA

Saturday October 8,
Our hopes and new possibilities for change

Seminar Peoples’ Struggles & Multinational Corporations
Latrobe University – City Campus, 215 Franklin St, Melbourne

Space One: 12-4pm
Discussions, short footages, lunch, speakers, activists, ideas, proposals…more
-Multinationals role in war, violence and hunger in Latin America
– Impacts of Multinational policies in Australia and Asia Pacific Region
-How the State and government are accomplices in Multinationals policies and effects.
– Are Multinationals a contribution to development and progress?

Space Two 4-6pm – Speakers, music, poetry, open space/forum
Remembering our pass, our memory homage to all those that gave their life for others, our tribute to Che Guevara, who fell struggling so other can continued their and our life
More Info: call 0425 539 149 or 0414 970 410, write to: lasnet@latinlasnet.org
https://latinamericansolidarity.wordpress.com/ and now, again, after been hacked http://www.latinamericansolidaritynetwork.org
Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) – Red de Solidaridad con los Pueblos Latinoamericanos