An invitation to commemorate 46 years of struggle, resistance and solidarity since the military coup in Chile which took place on September 11, 1973.

PHOTO Exhibition: September 9th to 17th
Tribute and Memory: September Thursday 12th, 6:30PM
Cultural and Film Night: September 14th, 6:30PM



It has been 46 years since the overthrow of the popular and democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende in Chile. The military and right-wing coup backed by the United States administration on September 11, 1973 “Our September 11” for many “The other September 11”.

President Allende lost his life alongside men and women in their thousands, who were killed, tortured, disappeared or sent to exile. The dictatorship imposed a repressive government and violent regime, consequences that still hunting and felt across the country.

After nearly 46 years the Chilean people have continued the struggle and are still fighting for real democracy and better conditions of living, which have not improved even under successive, so-called, “democratic” governments and today under the “right-wing Piñera government”. The tyranny of neoliberal individualism…

If any group would be like to participate in organising these events or would like to speak on Thursday 12th of September at Trades Hall, welcome…just give us a call or reply to this event.

Our memory is alive… Our struggle continues.

All welcome.

enquiries send us an email to or call to the phones in the poster

Autonomy and Resistance Gathering 2018

Autonomy and Resistance Gathering 2018
Latin America, Asia Pacific and Beyond!


November Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th, Victorian Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton South (Melbourne) Victoriab – Australia

3 days of speakers, panels, workshops, film screenings and more…

Main Topics:
Land defense from multinationals
Autonomy and self-determination
Prisons and Criminalization
Visions for development beyond neoliberal capitalism, colonialism and patriachy


Sina Brown-Davis (Aotearoa/NZ)
Maori, Tongan and Samoan anti-colonial and anti-capitalist activist

Kristy-Lee Horswood (QLD)
Gamilaraay activist, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy (BASE), Voices of The 3%

Meriki Onus
Gunditjmara and Gunnai organiser and co-founder of the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), Djap Wurrung Protector

More Speakers TBC

5pm-10pm (ENTRY $5/$10)
“Black and Cuba”
This award-winning documentary follows street-smart Ivy League students who are outcasts at their elite university, band together and adventure to the enigmatic Caribbean island of Cuba, whose population is 60% Black. Their journey through the streets of Havana and Santiago reveals enthralling scenes of Cuban life including hip hop performances, block parties, and candid spontaneous encounters with AfroCuban youth. As they film their experience, the travelers discover connections between Cuban and American perspectives on human rights, race, and revolution.

“Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley”
When a 21st century coup d’état ousts the only president they ever believed in, these farmers take over the plantations. With no plans to ever give them back.
“A thoroughly captivating window into history as never told by the winners — beautiful, enraging, profoundly inspiring.” – Naomi Klein, Author of the global bestsellers No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything.
Beginning with the first coup in Central America in three decades, the film picks up the story of the farmers who responded to the coup by taking over the plantations of the most powerful man in Honduras. The camera follows three of the movement’s protagonists and one brilliant journalist from the capital city over the four years between the coup and the elections the farmers hope will return democracy to Honduras. But will the same people who took power by the bullet give it up by the ballot?

“Amazônia Eterna (Eternal Amazon)”
At a time when the world is discussing the impact of human actions on the environment, Amazônia Eterna presents a critical analysis of how the world’s largest tropical rainforest is understood and appreciated.

Berta Vive! – life and death of Berta Caceres
The Land is Our Mother – Mapuche struggle and links to Australian Forestry

SATURDAY & SUNDAY – Plenaries, workshopd, nice food and environment 

Check agenda in links

Seminar: Latin America Fights – Seminario: Allá se respira lucha…

Seminar on Latin America struggles and resistances recent developments…
Saturday October 13, 11am – 5pm (movie screening from 6:15pm)
Victoria Trades Hall
54 Victoria Street, Carlton

One day of information and discussion on recent and current developments in Latin America
Especially struggles on women, workers, indigenous and social and political movements from below:

Exploring last changes in Nicaragua social explosions;

US announced interventionists policies in Venezuela and peoples responses, Multinationals companies attacks on social leaders in Colombia, Honduras and Chile;

Brazil elections: Lula da Silva and his aspirations to be elected president in a sea of right-wing sabotages, lies and betrays to Brazilian people, what people response to the antidemocratic measures of Temer government;

Colombia elections results and prospect to near future;

Indigenous struggles in Latin America and repressive response form the states and governments, exploring latest actions against Mapuche people in Chile and Argentina;

South Pacific alliance with the hysterics and “smart” Mr. Trump…

El Salvador and Guatemala resists Neoliberal policies… and the people??

From 6PM documentaries screening
6:15 “The Chicago Boys”
7:30 “CHAVÉZ”

Food and drinks available
More Info: write to or call 0425 539 149


MAY COURSE [LASSC2] – “Tango, Samba, Salsa and Society, The history of Argentina, Brazil and Cuba through Music” 

Sundays 13, 20 and 27 May. 3pm-6pm

In this historically based subject, the senses are engaged by using popular culture, in particular music and food, to explore political, economic, social and cultural themes in Latin American history. Tango is employed to analyse Argentina, Samba to understand Brazil, and Son/Salsa to examine Cuba. The history of Latin Americans in the United States and U.S. foreign policy in Latin America are also investigated. We will especially look at the Cold War and then the globalisation of neo‐liberalism and culture in the 21stcentury.

What will you get from studying this subject:

This subject will give you an historical understanding Latin America and also some of the most important issues we face in the 21st century: persistent poverty, conflict, racism and environmental degradation.

Special features of this subject:

This subject incorporates aspects of Dr Ralph Newmark’s award winning “Aural History” methodology which uses music a way of understanding History.

Subject organised and delivered by Dr Ralph Newmark from the Institute of Latin American Studies from La Trobe University.

Three sessions deliver face to face

Location: Level 4, back-building Victorian Trades Hall, [corners of Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton South]

Day: Sundays 13, 20 and 27 May

Time: Between 3pm and 6pm with breaks within

Costs: donations (Suggested $10 per session, or whatever you can afford, none will left out)

Register by: Wednesday May 9th by calling 0425 539 149 or email



The Latin American School for Social Change English courses

“The Latin America and world economic tools workshops”
Sundays 15, 22 and 29 April 2018.

Registrations open and welcome – two sessions left, April 22 and 29

This series of workshops will work towards ensuring that people will have knowledge of the functioning of the economy, the issues facing the world economy as well as Latin America and will have knowledge of the prospective tools that are needed to solve the problems we face.
The workshop will require participants to choose an issue that they are concerned about,
research a solution and share it with the rest of the workshop.
The workshop will also involve group work when reviewing economic knowledge as well as the presentation of economic content by the facilitator.

Course/workshops organises and delivers by Adrian Soh, PhD on Economics, currently lecture at Monash University

Three sessions deliver face to face

Location: Level 4, back-building Victorian Trades Hall, [corners of Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton South]
Day: Sundays 15, 22 and 29 April
Time: Between 3pm and 6pm with breaks within
Costs: donations (Suggested $10 per session, or whatever you can afford, none will left out)

Register by calling 0425 539 149 or email


[SPANISH] Curso en Castellano vía teleconferencia desde Chile con activistas Guevaristas

JUNIO [LASSC-SP] – “La Vigencia del Pensamiento Guevarista en America Latina”

Sábados, 16, 23 y 30 de Junio

Tres Sesiones: Entregadas Vía teleconferencia en lugar de clases


Desde Chile ponemos a disposición de las y l@s amig@s en Australia un curso que hemos organizado, a modo de síntesis y todavía de ensayo de nuestras ideas, sobre el “pensamiento y práctica del guevarismo”.

Es pertinente señalar en primer lugar que lo que podemos entender y denominar como “guevarismo” no es un sistema completo ni acabado de categorías ya definidas. Más bien, es una apuesta política en construcción, la cual si bien se recoge de varias décadas atrás y de numerosas experiencias políticas, organizativas e intelectuales que ya han pensado cosas similares (no estamos descubriendo el hilo negro), hoy asumimos el desafío de retomarlas y llevarlas a la práctica.

Como siempre, la experiencia concreta será la jueza de nuestros aciertos y errores tanto en los planteamientos teóricos de la política revolucionaria, como en la habilidad con que éstos sean desplegados prácticamente.

Agradecemos a l@s amig@s de la Izquierda Guevarista de Chile por su fraterrna y buena disposicion en esta iniciativa.

El curso está estructurado de la siguiente manera, en una secuencia de tres sesiones:

Sesión 1 (sábado 16 de Junio): “Breve historia de la izquierda latinoamericana”.

Donde se pretende enmarcar los orígenes históricos de las diversas corrientes de izquierda, los contextos regionales a lo largo de los siglos XIX y XX, los contextos mundiales y la influencia sobre América Latina de las revoluciones triunfantes en “Oriente”, la URSS, China, Vietnam, etc. Para de esa manera situar históricamente la Revolución Cubana, los planteamientos de Fidel, el Che Guevara y lo que podríamos entender como “guevarismo” en tanto legado revolucionario desde los 70’ en adelante.

Sesión 2 (sábado 23 de Junio): “Conceptos fundamentales del guevarismo”.

En esta sesión se ahonda en conceptos e ideas tales como: socialismo humanista, alienación, moral comunista, concepciones del marxismo, internacionalismo, revolución latinoamericana, crítica de la economía-política, democracia, educación y cultura en el socialismo, etc. Todo lo cual da cuerpo a una corriente que, creemos, podemos llamar “guevarismo”.

Sesión 3 (sábado 30 de Junio): “Pertinencia del guevarismo en el Siglo XXI”.

En esta última sesión se vierten algunas reflexiones (completamente abiertas) sobre los debates en torno a la noción de “proyecto” que como organización y como sector político hemos desarrollado durante el último tiempo. Y problematizar de qué forma, hasta ahora, concebimos y pretendemos ir dando contenido y forma al proyecto revolucionario en la actualidad.

Tres Sesiones: Entregadas via teleconferencia en sitio de clases

Lugar: Melbourne Trades Hall (Ubicado en 54 Victoria Street, Carlton South, en las esquinas de las calles Lygon y Victoria en Carlton South [Melbourne)

Día: Sábados, 16, 23 y 30 de Junio

Hora: [11am-2pm]:11am-12:30pm, 12:30 Almuerzo (puede adquirir en local, previa reserva), 1pm-2pm

Costo: Donación (Sugerida $10 por día, o lo que pueda donar, sino puede igual bienvenido)

Inscripción hasta el día Jueves 19 de Abril llamando al 0425 539 149 o escribiendo a

Protest – For the murder of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes


Sunday March 18, 7PM
Melbourne State Library
Corners off Swanston & Latrobe Streets, Melbourne City

Facebook event:

The Brazilian community is calling out about the violent execution of the councilor and human-rights activist, Marielle Franco and the driver Anderson Pedro Gomes.
This is an action of resilience. We gather together in response to the murder of our greatest activist. A queer black woman, legitimately elected by 46 thousandths of brazilians, to represent our voice in city council of Rio de Janeiro.
We invite the wider Brazilian community and allies to join us. On 18th of March 2018, we call out for responsible departments and
national and international organisations. In opposition to the organised crimes against democracy.

militarised policing of the favelas, where residents live under the brutal control of drug gangs, but are also terrorised by state violence.

Bring banner, pictures and a candle. Feel free to take pictures and videos. Share the event.

Marielle, PRESENTE!

Marielle Franco, 38 years old, councilor of Socialism and Liberty Political Party, was assassinated by gun shooting in a car on her way home, during the night of 14 of march 2018, in Rio. The driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, 39 years old, has also shot and died on the same moment. The crime happened aminst an intervention of Federal State, which proposes to bring militarised policing into the favelas, where residents live under the brutal control of drug gangs, but are also terrorised by state violence.
Marielle Franco was elected to run investigations, and was against the military intervention on the State of Rio de Janeiro.
A woman of colour, single mother, LGBT and feminist, Franco was the fifth most popular councilor in Rio in 2016. She fought against police brutality in the community of Acari until the last day of her life.


A comunidade Brasileira responde a execução da vereadora e ativista de direitos humanos Marielle Franco e o motorista Anderson Pedro Gomes.
Esse é um ato de luto pela grave tentativa de silenciar a voz da luta contra o racismo, desigualdade e a violência.
Pedimos a presença da comunidade brasileira que se preocupa com o futuro do nosso país. Neste domingo uniremos forças para cobrar justiça e ação dos organismos nacionais e internacionais contra o atentado a democracia brasileira.

Tragam cartazes, fotos e uma vela. Tirem fotos e vídeos. Compartilhe o evento.

Marielle, PRESENTE!

Marielle Franco, 38 anos, vereadora do PSOL, foi assassinada a tiros dentro de um carro na noite desta quarta-feira, 14 de março, no centro do Rio de Janeiro. O motorista que dirigia o veículo, Anderson Pedro Gomes, 39 anos, também foi morto a tiros. O caso ocorreu em meio à intervenção federal no Estado fluminense, o qual Marielle Franco era contra. Mãe, negra, ativista feminista, LGBT e dos direitos humanos, ela foi a quinta vereadora mais votada no Rio em 2016 e repudiou a violência policial na comunidade de Acari dias antes de morrer.