Grass-roots representatives from a range of organisations and movements from Latin America, Australia & Asia Pacific Region will share ideas, experiences, and stories of struggle inside their own countries resisting global capitalism.

The abhorrent business practices of the Multinational Corporations, and the struggle against them, will be the central focus of this gathering.

Our purpose is coming together to educate ourselves and one  another.

Our idea is to build new global models of solidarity to face the global corporate tyranny.

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Initial Schedule:

Friday December 8th 

10am-2PM: International zoom connection with Latin American grass-roots organisations and First Nations people. 

6PM: Opening (Cultural, political and solidarity event)

Saturday December 9th 

10AM-10PM: (Speakers, workshops, group discussion, group dynamics, surprise Lunch, Dinner

Sunday December 10th

11am-2pm ZOOM in Spanish with leaders and activists from Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, focusing on Organisation from Below

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