Dear wonderful people, here an invitation to get together for change…

We hope that you receive this message well and are wishing you the best in your endeavours. On December 8-10, 2023, in Melbourne-Australia, together with people around the world we are calling a Solidarity gathering with Latin America, Asia Pacific and so-called Australia, in person and online, to denounce “Multinational Corporations and their attacks on people’s rights”.

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First of all, we would also like to acknowledge the resistance and struggle of the people of Palestine in defending their rights to exist, we condemn the atrocities and crimes committed by Israel and the industrial weapon apparatus against innocents in Gaza and Cisjordania (West Bank), These crimes against humanity cannot go unpunished, the world must punish the guilty. Multinationals out! Gathering expresses its solidarity and continued support to the liberation of the Palestinian people. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free! Ceasefire Now!

The one-sided war in Palestine has its roots in Capitalism, rational control, invasion, and competition, with Multinationals acting as the vanguard of capitalist sectors that are thirsty for more profit. Big corporations are interested in the gas and oil that are sitting in the depths of Gaza Sea and the surrounding land. Avarice and greed are behind these attempts to eliminate the people of Palestine, for companies do not care about human lives, they are only interested in dollar bills.

We are inviting all interested individuals, organisations working for life and defending their communities, especially those grassroots organisations from all different sectors, trade unions, political organisations, Indigenous organisations, and its representatives to join us in this ambitious journey to challenge the vanguard of global capitalism and its hegemonic neoliberal practices.

So, in this gathering through a collective exercise, we must look to futures beyond this unsustainable capitalist cycle of crisis, which prioritises profits above the survival of people and the planet.

This December 8 to 10, we are Gathering (Encuentro) to discuss these issues with the purpose of coming together to educate ourselves and one another. In person and online, in these conversations we will explore the political and historical context of Extractivism (Multinationals) in Latin America, Asia Pacific and so-called Australia, discussing the consequences of this capitalist framework that allows mining, forestry, fishing, and agriculture exhaustion. Visiting the realities of Latin American, Asia Pacific, so called Australia and their relationship with the world.

The Gathering (Encuentro) will be in-person and online and we will be joined by global speakers, and a special Palestinian guest.

The Encuentro in person and online is organised on the lands of the Kulin nations, and is taking place on the stolen, plundered, and occupied lands of First Nations people across this continent. No treaty was signed, its sovereignty has never been ceded, and the resistance, community and joy of First Nations people continues. We also understand that from the occupied lands of so called Australia the resistance against colonialism is ongoing, and we support the struggle of First Nations peoples here.

Hoping we can build new and better ways of collaborations and solidarity between our peoples and communities, together in the struggle, arm in arm, hand in hand.

Only the unity, the organisation and struggles will make us free!

In solidarity and respect

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