Pandemic People Power! (Online 3-Part Conference):
Stories of community power, resistance and resilience in times of COVID-19 in so called Australia, Latin America and beyond

This will be a series of interactive 3 online mini-conferences with panels, group discussions and music! – lifting up examples of organizing, resistance and action both here in so-called Australia and around the world…

Exploring how communities are rising to the challenges and opportunities of these times and how we can solidarise and connect our struggles …

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Tomorrow Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, 11am


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Pandemic People Power! Parts 2 & 3
Where we learn about the power of communities and social movements organising around the world under Covid-19…
More inspiration, ideas, music and much more….

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SATURDAY MAY 16, from 11am
Daniel Edgar (Colombia) Australian researcher living in Colombia for the last 10 years. Daniel is an independent researcher from Australia who has lived in Colombia since 2010 studying land and natural resource management, politics and international relations. His research includes a book on the social and political history of Colombia (“In search of Colombia: Social and political fragments and perspectives from the past to the present”), “The pinnacle of the pyramid of financial and economic power: the buck stops here”, and “The multinationals among ‘The Untouchables’ of the Colombian conflict”.
A selection of his research is available online at:

Fabio Tomaz from MST (Landless Workers Movement) (Brazil)

George Kotsakis from Migrante Melbourne and Philippines Australia Solidarity Association.

Maria Pena, artist resident in Melbourne from Colombia. Presenting “Fear in Quarantine”.

Maria Peña is a visual artist based in Melbourne, originally from Colombia. Her career has developed between Colombia and Australia. Up to date Peña has exhibited solo and collectively in Australia, Colombia, Mexico, China, Italy, Argentina, NY, India and The Emirates. Her practice combines oil painting, mural painting and installation projects. Peña’s artwork strongly relates to themes of memory and identity.
mariapena_Art (Instagram)

Alejandro Vargas from Chilean Community in Melbourne

SUNDAY 17th from 11am…
Rachel Herzing, Centre for Political Education (US)
Boe Spearim, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR Meanjin
Ronny Kareni – West Papua Rize of the Morning Star

from the Black Orchid String Band!
Alejandro Vargas, Chilean musician

Saturday May 9th:
11am: PANEL DISCUSSION – Grassroots struggles under COVID-19
Dani – Chilean activist with Revuelta Popular Movement and Izquierda Guevarista, CHILE
Rodrigo Starz and G1 – Rebel Diaz – Bronx, USA
Kegan Daly – Organiser with Permaculture Crisis Response Group and On The Verge campaign, so called Australia
Sebastian Herrara – Organiser, Renters & Housing Union Victoria, so called Australia


Rebel Diaz – Revolutionary hip hop from Bronx, Chicago USA
K A T H L E E N G O N Z A L E Z , Narrm-based Colombian dancer and artist –
@Sebastian Barahona – South American Bass and Musician –

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Bogaine Spearim – Gamilaraay, Kooma, Murawarii organiser with Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR, host of Let’s Talk on @98.9FM

Speakers from Brazil, Mexico and more.. TBA..

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Solidarity and love,
Latin American Solidarity Network

On March 11 the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 was a global pandemic. Since then we have seen new challenges emerging locally and globally for peoples rights and our environment, from increased police and state powers, authoritarian lock-down laws, closing borders, lay-offs, widespread isolation and mental health issues, expanding mining industries and more. We can see what Naomi Klein referred to as the “Shock Doctrine” at play, when governments and corporations take advantage of a disaster, be it social, ecological or in this case a pandemic, to fast track policies of economic and social inequality while the population are disorientated and distracted.

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents new and old challenges for organising – infection risk, increased police powers and lock-down laws, widespread panic, financial pressure, emotional overwhelm, to name just a few. This pandemic also opens windows of new and powerful opportunities for social and environmental justice – for direct action, community organising, mutual aid and solidarity networks and much more, as is happening here and around the world. A crisis such as COVID-19 reveals the brutal inequalities and logic of the systems we live under – of whose lives matter and whose are disposable, of the intentions and priorities of the state. So too it reveals what is most important to us, and can be as Arundhati Roy states – ‘a portal’ – further into the worlds we desperately want and need.


The series is being organised on the lands of the Wurundjeri and Wadawurrung clans of the Kulin Nation. Sovereignty has never been ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal Land.

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