Australia, 2016-2017

Hola a todos y todas!
Hope everyone is well, the New Year is nearly here! 2016 has been a massive year of struggle of Indigenous, workers and oppressed peoples, in defence of land, waters and life. The violence of colonialism, neoliberal capitalism, patriarchy and oppression in all its forms is global, reaching across borders and cultures – but so is the struggles and resistances!

2016 has seen increasing multinational corporations (the vanguard of neoliberal capitalism), increased multinational exploitation and plunder in Latin America. The horrible assassination of Berta Caceres, Indigenous environmental fighter and organiser of the Lenka People, who was killed by multinational representatives in her home in La Esperanza, Honduras. The coup d’état in Basil in the name of capital. The economic war in Venezuela which attempted to destroy popular and progressive democracy. The difficult negotiations for peace in Colombia where impunity and killing of workers, peasants and Indigenous activists continues. Before 2016 ends, nearly 100 activists have been killed by the army and paramilitaries in Colombia – this has to end. In Mexico, the 43 students are still missing and the government continues with femicide and corruption as never before. Students and workers in Chile still waiting solutions to neoliberal agenda from the so called “social-democrat” government, the struggles turn on massive streets demonstration and of course repression and criminalisation for popular activists.

Fidel passing away is an immense lost for revolutionary forces in Latin America, despite changes in the last decades on how to build and defend the revolution. Fidel’s and the Cuban Revolution legacy on commitment with exploited people of the world and the necessity of revolution for change is more alive than ever! Viva the Cuban people! Viva la revolution in the world!

The continued repression of Mapuche Indigenous communities in Chile, for the benefit of multinational forestry companies who profit from the theft and destruction of ancestral Mapuche territory.

The above reasons show us that we need to follow the example of all those peoples standing up and fighting for their rights, to see the connections between struggles, continuing to building bridges between struggles in Latin America, Australia, the Asia Pacific and beyond…

2017 is a new challenge to build solidarity across borders, together we are an unstoppable force in the struggle for a better world.

2017 Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) first meeting will be next Tuesday January 10th in our space in Melbourne Trades Hall (Central Sindical) at 6pm, this time will be a dinner meeting, so we are calling to all our members and volunteers not to miss this first meeting in which we will decide main actions and plans for 2017…also we are inviting all our members and friends that will be overseas, just send your ideas and commitments or tasks you are willing to take in 2017.

Please Confirm you attendance to organise food and drinks to 0425 539 149 by January 7th, many thanks

All the best for 2017
In Unity, Love, Resistance and Solidarity
LASNET Collective
0425 539 149

Australia, 2017

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