An invitation to commemorate 46 years of struggle, resistance and solidarity since the military coup in Chile which took place on September 11, 1973.

PHOTO Exhibition: September 9th to 17th
Tribute and Memory: September Thursday 12th, 6:30PM
Cultural and Film Night: September 14th, 6:30PM



It has been 46 years since the overthrow of the popular and democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende in Chile. The military and right-wing coup backed by the United States administration on September 11, 1973 “Our September 11” for many “The other September 11”.

President Allende lost his life alongside men and women in their thousands, who were killed, tortured, disappeared or sent to exile. The dictatorship imposed a repressive government and violent regime, consequences that still hunting and felt across the country.

After nearly 46 years the Chilean people have continued the struggle and are still fighting for real democracy and better conditions of living, which have not improved even under successive, so-called, “democratic” governments and today under the “right-wing Piñera government”. The tyranny of neoliberal individualism…

If any group would be like to participate in organising these events or would like to speak on Thursday 12th of September at Trades Hall, welcome…just give us a call or reply to this event.

Our memory is alive… Our struggle continues.

All welcome.

enquiries send us an email to or call to the phones in the poster

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