MAY COURSE [LASSC2] – “Tango, Samba, Salsa and Society, The history of Argentina, Brazil and Cuba through Music” 

Sundays 13, 20 and 27 May. 3pm-6pm

In this historically based subject, the senses are engaged by using popular culture, in particular music and food, to explore political, economic, social and cultural themes in Latin American history. Tango is employed to analyse Argentina, Samba to understand Brazil, and Son/Salsa to examine Cuba. The history of Latin Americans in the United States and U.S. foreign policy in Latin America are also investigated. We will especially look at the Cold War and then the globalisation of neo‐liberalism and culture in the 21stcentury.

What will you get from studying this subject:

This subject will give you an historical understanding Latin America and also some of the most important issues we face in the 21st century: persistent poverty, conflict, racism and environmental degradation.

Special features of this subject:

This subject incorporates aspects of Dr Ralph Newmark’s award winning “Aural History” methodology which uses music a way of understanding History.

Subject organised and delivered by Dr Ralph Newmark from the Institute of Latin American Studies from La Trobe University.

Three sessions deliver face to face

Location: Level 4, back-building Victorian Trades Hall, [corners of Lygon and Victoria Streets, Carlton South]

Day: Sundays 13, 20 and 27 May

Time: Between 3pm and 6pm with breaks within

Costs: donations (Suggested $10 per session, or whatever you can afford, none will left out)

Register by: Wednesday May 9th by calling 0425 539 149 or email


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