We are writing to denounce the actions of the Chilean state and call for international solidarity for the Mapuche leader Machi Francisca Linconao (Mapuche spiritual authority) who is currently in jail since March 2016 and has been on hunger strike since December 23, 2016 and whose health is rapidly deteriorating and now at serious risk of death.

When recently asked about the situation of the Machi in jail, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has ignored the matter and refused to comment.

– Demand the release of Machi Francisca Linconao now!
– Demand freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners!
– Demand the repeal of the Anti-Terrorist legislation used against Mapuche activists!
– Demand the end of the repression and militarisation in Mapuche territories!
– Self-determination and freedom for Mapuche communities!

PLEASE ADD YOU ORGANISATION NAME BEFORE WE SEND TO CHILE (send it to email or face-pages below)

In Unity, Love, Solidarity and Resistance

Mapuche Australia Solidarity Campaign…/

Mapuche Aboriginal Struggles for Indigenous Land (MASIL)

Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET)

Chile Solidarity Campaign

If you need more information you can call 0425 539 149 or email

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